Welcome to Advanced Pain Solutions. We are Ionia County’s leader for advanced pain treatment and are committed to helping people improve their quality of life, reduce pain and suffering, and improve functioning.

Whether you have just begun experiencing symptoms of pain or have suffered from chronic pain for a long time, finding a pain physician who understands the personal experience you are having with your pain condition is essential.

Pain treatment differs depending on the type of pain you are experiencing and its underlying cause.  To learn about the type of pain you have and appropriate treatment specific to your condition, it is important to visit a provider that specializes in pain management. At Advanced Pain Solutions we offer comprehensive treatment programs and state of the art technology to better treat your specific condition.

If the physician currently managing your chronic pain does not specialize in advanced pain management therapies, and trials of medication management do not provide adequate pain relief, then it may be time to consider visiting Advanced Pain Solutions for a comprehensive evaluation of your pain.

Please call us today at (616) 841-2615 or use our online form to schedule an appointment with our clinic so we can get you on your way to reclaiming life and finding freedom from pain.

In order to simplify the process at your first appointment, we will mail you a New Patient Packet before you arrive for you to complete prior to your appointment.

Checklist for Your First Appointment:

  1. Completed New Patient Packet
  2. Medical Insurance Card
  3. Driver’s License or other legal photo identification
  4. Any co-pay and or deductible payment due
  5. Any written reports for x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, and or EMG’s that are relevant to your current painful condition.